benefits of using natural supplements

In our childhood, most of us remember taking calcium tablets. Every doctor recommends giving these tablets to every kid and parents just follow those instructions. Those are sweet, round shape, colorful calcium tablets. It was great fun to eat them and this is the first step why we recommend the use of natural supplements for kids.

Natural supplements only contain natural and organic ingredients. No any type of chemical is added in any form.

SYNTHETIC FOOD SUPPLEMENTS: The other form of supplements are chemical based synthetic supplements. Centrum and Spectrum are the most popular brands of health supplements and only a few of us know these are totally based on chemicals and are called synthetic supplements.

They are cheap to buy and also give cheap results. In some cases, these supplements put a negative effect on the human body. They are not good for lung and some contain heavy metal which is tough for our kidneys to filter. This also puts extra pressure on kidneys and having pressure on any internal organ is not good for a healthy life.



FDA did not have the strong rule on the manufacturing of supplements. Anyone can make supplements but the condition is the manufacturer will not advertise it as a miracle product in the world. The department will take actions against those brands which advertise incorrect information and print misleading data on the product labels.

It is your duty to choose the right product from the market for your kids. Always make sure to check the complete ingredient list. Read the label carefully and make sure all listed ingredients are natural and do not contain things like Polyvinyl Alcohol or palm oil, cottonseed oil (all these are synthetic ingredients stay away from them)

If the label of the product us saying it is natural does not mean it is completely natural. There is an FDA rule which allows manufacturers to write a natural word on their product if they are using 10% or more natural ingredients. This makes confusion and it also tricks the consumers every time. Always buy products which clearly shows they are 100% natural and drives form natural ingredient.


Let’s go deep in this topic to understand who needs supplements. In today‚Äôs busy life office workers do not have enough time to take the proper nutritional diet. They have lots of assignments to do so they prefer precooked food or canned food. According to researchers canned or packed food does not contain any nutritional values. there are also preservatives present in this type of foods.

In short, if you are eating balanced diet it is good to stick to your diet chart but if you only consume fast food or street food you should consider supplements to get essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are essential for our overall good health. We lose lots of minerals every day in many forms like sweating, urine etc. To maintain the good health level one should need a healthy diet or natural supplements.

Those like to drink soda every day are at the higher risk of vitamin deficiency because it is the nature of soda to leach the vitamins and minerals from the body. This is the reason that doctors advise not to consume sodas every day they said drink juice instead of soda cans.

For vegetarian people getting enough of vitamin B12 is difficult as it only found in non-veg items. So for them, it is important to take B12 supplements to stay healthy.

ADVISE: Before taking any kind of health drink or supplement it is better to consult your doctor first. He/she will tell you whether you need it or not. Do not take any health supplement on your own because the over limit of vitamins and minerals can cause serious health issues. Overdose is another problem, stay away from unwanted medicines and keep your body safe.

We hope this article will help you to understand the benefits of natural health supplements and also increase your knowledge about the use of supplements.