Benefits Of Purathrive B12

We all heard about different vitamin and also know they are important for maintaining our good health. They also play a vital role in the functionality of internal organs as well as our brain. Today we will tell you the surprising things about Vitamin B12, why you need it and what will happen in case of its deficiency in the body.

What is Vitamin B-12?

Vitamin B-12 is a water-soluble vitamin like other vitamins this vitamin when consumed travel through the bloodstream. This vitamin helps to make our DNA and we need to consume it for its maintenance. According to a survey, 45% of world’s total population is suffering from its deficiency due to many reasons vegetarians are more likely at the risk later you will know how.

Vegetarians Are at Higher Risk

Naturally, a B-12 vitamin is found in eggs, fishes and dairy products. People who only consume fruits, vegetables, beans and other green leafy vegetable are at the higher risk of its deficiency. Nature put this vitamin in non-veg items. Some vegetarian people consume eggs to prevent the deficiency of the vitamin. For those who do not like to eat even egg how would get the B12.

Manufacturers of vitamins like Purathrive make a liquid form of it which you can consume as per the directions and get the desired amount of it. There are many benefits to consuming Purathrive B12 vitamin. we will discuss all of them in this post continue reading to know more.

What are the Average Recommended Amounts?

Your age, medical condition, and eating habits decide how much you need daily. It is measured in microgram (mcg).

Below are the average recommendations by the doctors.

Up to the age of 6 months: 0.4mcg

7to12 months: 0.5mcg

4to8 years: 1.2mcg

Children 9to13: 1.8mcg

For teens of age group 14to18: 2.4mcg

Dosage for Adults is 2.4mcg

What are the Deficiency Symptoms?

The deficiency causes permanent damages to our nervous system and brain and its functionality.

You will have its deficiency if you observe the following symptoms:



Memory problem


Serve weight loss

Low energy


Others are changes in the nervous system which further triggers the following conditions. Pay close attention

Tingling in hand or sometimes in feet

Cannot stand properly

Pain in arms and legs while walking

Change in color of skin

Sore mouth

Effects of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Anemia: It is required for the normal function of Red Blood Cells. RBC’s are the transporter of energy into our body they get the energy from food and deliver it to the different organs of our body. Our body gets its energy from the liquid which is already present in it and that is our blood. So we need it to prevent the anemia which causes dizziness and sometimes you get unconscious

Nerve Damage: There is a protection system in our body which protects our nervous system from outer damages or sudden shock. There is a protecting layer or coating over our nerves which is required to prevent any nerve damage and is called Myelin. Vitamin b12 is a cofactor in the formation of this layer and its deficiency exposed our system to the viral attacks which result in permanent or irreversible damages.

If you are experience tingling in your hands, Numbness and sudden weakness in 2 to 3 days chance are you are deficient of this B12 vitamin. Get it in proper recommended dosage to stay healthy and for the full function of our brain. Our advice is to do not take it lightly otherwise you face serious problems.

Depression or Stress:

As it affect the memory power and affect the functionality of brain this cause depression and unwanted stress.

Stroke: The deficiency increases the level of homocysteine levels which results in the stroke. Many young people who do not get enough of it are at eh risk of getting stroke anytime. Stroke is a condition when the blood supply to the brain is blocked or interrupted this causes physically handicap. In some cases, we observe the person having sudden stroke goes into the coma.

Dementia: This is a disease related to abnormal behavior. In this condition, person suffers from memory loss or very weak memorizing power.

Causes of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Unbalanced Diet: the deficiency occurs when you do not get it in sufficient amount through your diet. Normally vegetarian people are at eh risk of lack of this vitamin. Meat, Egg, Fish, Chicken, and dairy are the rich source of this vitamin. So choose your diet plan accordingly. If you cannot eat above mention things you can full fill your needs of it form the Purathrive Vitamin B12.

Low Absorption:

This vitamin is absorbed by our intestine but it cannot absorb completely as it required some preliminary processing in the stomach. People who do not have the strong digestive system cannot absorb this vitamin from food. Low level of digestive enzymes also leads to poor digestion which further responsible for low level of absorption of vitamins.


Purathrive crafted a quick absorption formula with the help of other organic things. They include organic glycerin and fulvic acid to enhance the absorption of a vitamin in our body. This formula gives complete absorption of vitamins and minerals. A clinical study shows that this formula protects the molecules of b12 and deliver to them to the exact location where they are needed by the cells.


Guaranteed Quality: Purathrive made quality products by choosing permitted ingredients everything is printed on the label nothing is hidden from the customers. They make their formula in FDA certified, GMP compliant la in the USA. There is no heavy metal added to it in any form. Gluten Free and Non-GMO